Two New Grossman Guitar Instructionals

I’ve two new guitar instructionals available in limited supply at my store, and also on Stefan Grossman’s Guitar Workshop…. The Music of Jelly Roll Morton We will study one song and two instrumentals from Jelly Roll Morton’s vast repertoire. Each tune will open up a world of chord voicings and bass counterpoint to push your hands to the limit. Tunes covered are: Sweet Substitute, Grandpa’s Spells, and Seattle Hunch. Preview here. Building a Guitar Rag This lesson will be structured around three forms commonly used by country, ragtime and blues pickers. Each is introduced in a simple arrangement for beginners. Then we will add techniques and music theory concepts that can help us build a sophisticated and challenging ragtime piece in the mold of players like Blind Blake, Blind Boy Fuller, and Rev. Gary Davis. Preview here.
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