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Jug Band Tour Report

The Jug Band recently returned from an amazing trip which took me from New Orleans to my hometown in Kentucky, and included a performance at the National Jug Band Jubilee! It was a beautiful time and I wrote about it for the band’s newsletter. Read it here and consider subscribing at the top left for future updates.


National Jug Band Jubilee

I’m flying east with the G Burns Jug Band to perform at the 12th Annual National Jug Band Jubilee in Louisville, Kentucky on Saturday, September 17th, 2016! The Jubilee was founded and is still run by some of the folks that first introduced me to jug band music when I was a kid growing up in northern Kentucky.

The trip will be very much a personal homecoming but also a musical one for the band: Louisville bandleaders like Earl McDonald and Clifford Hayes were the first to record jug-blowing music in the 1920s. Needless to say, it is a terrific honor to be invited to play at the Jubilee in the great state of Kentucky. The headliner this year is  Dom Flemons of the Grammy-winning old time group TheCarolina Chocolate Drops.

We will likely be adding shows around the Jubilee. If you know of any good venues or bands in Nashville or Birmingham, please do let us know!


Dancing with Rebecca Stout

The jug band was so fortunate to have the talented and kind Rebecca Stout join us at our monthly Black Cat Bar show in April. Rebecca is a Tennessee-born flatfoot dancer who has brought this wonderful tradition to Southern California. She’s an active and esteemed teacher  – her instructional video is used by the International Bluegrass Music Museum. We’ll meet up with her again at this year’s Topanga Banjo & Fiddle Contest, when she’ll be hosting the first-ever flatfoot dancing competition.

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