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Streamable Concert at the YARD Theater

A few weeks ago, on a very hot day, I gave a concert for two camerafolks and Frank Fairfield at the YARD Theater in Hollywood. The concert will be streamable online Monday September 28th via the link below. Purchase a ticket to view, and support one of Southern California’s best venues for traditional music (and also me). TICKETS HERE

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COVID cancellations

Plenty of gigs have needed to be cancelled due to the COVID-19 virus. These include the April 11th Square Dance in San Diego, Walker Creek Music Camp,  and San Diego’s Gator By The Bay, and many others. Take care of yourself, keep your spirits up, and I’ll look forward to sharing my music again with you all when we’ve moved past this.

Walker Creek Music Camp

I’ll be teaching at Walker Creep Music Camp in Northern California this April. Joining my old singing and dancing pal Rebecca Stout, we’ll teach a class in harmony singing. On my own, I’ll lead a workshop on fundamental clawhammer banjo technique, and a fiddle workshop on underplayed tunes of northern Kentucky.

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