I’ve completed recording and mixing a new solo album of old American music to be released in 2021 on Tiki Parlour Records. Consider signing up for my newsletter for updates on its release and previews.

With 16 tunes, I’ve sought to create an album that represents my full musicality. From one track to the next, you might hear droning banjo, intricate fingerstyle guitar, a dusty piano, dueling harmonicas. You might hear arcane ballads or weary blues. You might hear a performance that’s a close study of an obscure century-old recording; Or you might hear an old tune that was dramatically re-interpreted because that’s how it resonated in me. Some things will sound spontaneous and off-the-cuff; Others will sound meticulously arranged. It is my hope that fans of traditional American music will find something in this album that surprises them: a tune they’ve never heard before, a familiar tune played in a way they never imagined, or tunes collected together in a way they haven’t seen before.