Month: August 2016

Debut Solo Album

I am releasing my first album under my own name, “A Season In The Hills Of Mexico.” Like my other recording and performance projects, this album collects old and traditional American music from the early 20th century, but this album is a more autobiographical statement than those I’ve made with the G Burns Jug Band or The Darling Brothers. I’ve collected seven tunes that together resonate with my experience of moving to California from Kentucky seven years ago, and they provide a loose narrative of this chapter of my life. 

Picking old American tunes for this album, I found myself drawn to those that spoke to or about the Western landscape, it’s history, or at least felt true to my emotional experience of being in it and looking back eastward. For that reason, this album isn’t intended as some historically accurate reconstruction of old Western music or American Folk Music, but is some attempt to make sense of this place and feel a little more at home in it.

Announcing The Darling Brothers

Tim McNalley and I have been gigging together as a duo since he joined the G Burns Jug Band in early 2016.  We finally settled on a name: The Darling Brothers. The name is a nod to a long-defunct bourbon manufacturer that operated in my northern Kentucky hometown in the late 19th century. Here’s our debut collection of songs! Our repertoire is based in the same historical era as the G Burns Jug Band’s, but we’re carving out a different sound based around clawhammer or pre-bluegrass banjo styles. Keep an eye out for us gigging around San Diego!

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